Our Mission

Mobilizing women and youth for leadership in peace and development in Africa through integrated capacity development, research and practice.


The chief function of NCP is cutting-edge capacity building and empowerment (through community driven initiatives) for development and peace. As such, we focus on the following areas of development :

Research Conducting research on various development issues (health, poverty, climate change, demography, economic and political issues), producing publications and disseminating findings to relevant stakeholders for policy action, Research finfings form the basis of advocacy for development and peace.

Capacity Development and Training : Conducting training sessions or short courses for development actors from regional, sub-regional organisations, government, NGOs, local leaders, youth, women and grassroots groups. During these trainings, participants are empowered with the necessary skills, motivation and information to confront development challenges in their communities and mainstream developmentand peace into their various programs and policies. Capacity building for organisations and government departments focusing on poverty reduction, employment creation and economic development is a priority.

Development : Mainstreaming peacebuilding (with focus on issues of transitional justice and reconciliation) in the conception, implementation and evolution of development projects such as income generation, poverty reduction, education initiatives etc. The basis of all development activites is anchored in evidence collected from research. 

Public Policy and Advocacy : NCP seeks to influence policies of various African and international institutions so that they may become sensitive and responsive to the imperative of development and peace. The aim is to ensure that any design of policy considers the nexus between by evidence from cutting-edge social research.

Strategic Partnerships : This component involves forming alliances with partners that work in similar fields of development. To enhance coordination of programs, promote greater outreach as well as avoid duplication, NCP works with likeminded institutions from within and outside Africa.