Peacebuilding in the Margins

10 July 2018 by 0 Comment Publications 1380 Views
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Peacebuilding in the Margins is a timely publication, and Tony Karbo and his team at Karamoja Cluster Project (KCP) deserve considerable credit for organiszing it. The collection of essays explores the challenges of peacebuildind in the marginalized communities of the Karamoja cluster in East Africa and the Horn.

Whith generous financial assistance from the Dutch Postcode Lotterry, the project was able to conduct extensive research and engage communities with a view toward undestanding the issues most important to them.

On the first approximation, violence appears to be an endemic and almost natural part of the life for the peoplple of Karamoja. Yet experience tells us that violence represents an inherent structural disorder that articulates itself in the for mit takes, ethic exclusions, and polarizations. It is therefore not surprising that in daily interactions with the world outside our own, we trend to reinforce the dichotomies that divide us rather that those that bind us as humans and citizens of a nation.

Tony Karbo

Executive Director, NCP | N'Zarama Center for Peacebuilding.

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