Burkinabe soldiers killed by terrorists, counteroffensive launched

21 August 2019 by 0 Comment Read for you 173 Views
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Burkina Faso’s military says extremists have killed at least 10 soldiers in the country’s north. The military said in a statement that several more soldiers were wounded in Monday’s attack in Soum Province near Mali’s border.

The military said an air and land operation has been launched “in reaction to the barbaric attack” to “neutralize” the assailants.

Violence by Islamic extremists has been increasing in Burkina Faso’s north and east. Attacks have already killed hundreds and thousands have fled the violence in the country.

Burkina Faso’s government last year declared a state of emergency in many of the country’s northern regions.

Burkina Faso’s foreign minister in May warned that extremist violence is gaining ground in the Sahel region, including in Mali, Niger and Chad, and could destabilize West Africa.


Source: africanews

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