End poverty in all its forms everywhere

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World leaders have committed to ending poverty by 2030. But that aspiration can only be achieved by ending the discrimination that traps women in poverty. Globally, 1 in 5 girls are in households living on less than US$1.
90 a day, a sum that leaves them without enough food, housing, health care or education. Between the ages of 25 and 34, poverty gaps between women and men are particularly acute as women struggle to combine paid work with an unequal burden of care for children and other dependents. Globally, for every 100 men in this age group who are poor, there are 122 women. Women’s poverty arises from unequal access to economic resources. Discriminatory norms may keep them in certain occupations, working for wages less than those of men. Legal statutes may restrict their ability to inherit land or seek credit. Women left financially dependent on men are more vulnerable to poverty, and less equipped to manage risks such as economic downturns. UN Women acts to end poverty through programmes aimed at income security, decent work and economic autonomy. Providing training, loans and practical skills to empower poor women economically, the programmes give them a voice. We help ensure women’s equal access to essential services, control over land and other property, inheritance, natural resources, new technology and financial services.
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